aviation: Swiss introduces Sita eWAS

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SITA eWAS is now rolled out across the entire Swiss International Air Lines fleet, enabling its pilots to cope with adverse weather conditions such as: B. Anticipate and avoid turbulence.

SITA eWAS is the only digital weather information application on the market today that brings together different sources of weather reports, enabling greater accuracy and reliability of weather forecasts. More and more airlines are turning to electronic weather information solutions to help their pilots plan and avoid bad weather.

Avoiding adverse weather conditions such as turbulence maximizes safety on board, demonstrating the importance of real-time weather data and in-flight turbulence detection. Today’s angular weather radars cannot detect turbulence in clearer air. The turbulence forecasts on the weather maps used in aviation today are not detailed and precise enough in terms of time (temporal) and space (spatial).

The SITA solution eWAS offers airlines like Swiss greater reliability and accuracy when predicting turbulence. If you need to check the German Weather Service (DWD) turbulence forecast, do not use other weather information sources and products. SITA eWAS also displays real-time measurements of turbulence from other aircraft worldwide, similar to road map congestion forecasts. The IATA (International Air Transport Association) combines these turbulence measurement data with measurements taken from Swiss aircraft.

The application’s multifeed weather data is presented to pilots in a user-friendly interface with high-resolution 4D weather forecasts and allows visualization of flight plans according to weather conditions in real time. Equipping pilots with this advanced and comprehensive picture of weather conditions strengthens their ability to detect turbulence in clearer air and gives them the ability to adjust the flight path if necessary. This means safer and more comfortable flights and reduces the risk of disruption due to weather.

Stefan-Kenan Scheib, flight operations manager at Swiss: « We chose SITA eWAS because the application offers an advanced and comprehensive view of weather events – both during flight planning and in flight. » We are pleased that we have a more precise data situation for our “We can create a cockpit crew and, as a result, improve flight safety and comfort for our passengers.”

Yann Cabaret, CEO SITA FOR AIRCRAFT, says: “With solutions like SITA eWAS, which enables pilots to avoid turbulence, Swiss can spend more time flying and less time dealing with disruptions.”

Swiss International Air Lines is the leading aviation company in Switzerland and part of the Lufthansa Group. On average, Swiss operates around 11,000 flights per month to over 100 destinations around the world. SITA eWAS will be introduced in the Swiss fleet from November 2023.

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