aviation: Quarterly figures: Airbus melted 11.8 billion euros in sales

aviation Quarterly figures Airbus melted 118 billion euros in sales


The aircraft manufacturer Airbus recorded sales of 11.8 billion euros in the first quarter of the current year. This was below the same period last year, because at that time they took in 12 billion euros. 127 commercial aircraft were delivered.

“The first quarter confirmed the strong demand for our products, particularly for commercial aircraft. We delivered 127 commercial aircraft, which is reflected in the first quarter financials. The quarter also benefited from a good performance from helicopters,” said Guillaume Faury, Airbus Chief Executive Officer. “We continue to face an adverse operating environment, notably including ongoing supply chain tensions. Our 2023 guidance remains unchanged as commercial aircraft deliveries are expected to be delayed. We remain focused on ramping up commercial aircraft production and longer-term transformation.”

Gross commercial orders are believed to be 156 (Q1 2022: 253 aircraft), with a net order volume of 142 aircraft after cancellations (Q1 2022: 83 aircraft). The order backlog at the end of March 2023 is 7,254 commercial aircraft. Airbus Helicopters recorded 39 net orders (Q1 2022: 56 units), well distributed across programs. The value of incoming orders at Airbus Defense and Space is expected to be EUR 2.5 billion (Q1 2022: EUR 3.2 billion).

Consolidated sales increase slightly to €11.8 billion. (Q1 2022: €12.0 billion). A total of 127 commercial aircraft were delivered (Q1 2022: 142(1) aircraft), including 10 A220s, 106 A320 Family aircraft, 6 A330s and 5 A350s. Revenue in the Airbus commercial aircraft business fell 5 percent year-on-year, mainly due to lower deliveries, partly offset by the stronger US dollar. Airbus Helicopters deliveries increased to 71 aircraft (Q1 2022: 39 aircraft), mainly driven by the light helicopter segment. The division’s revenue increased 26 percent, mainly due to deliveries and a solid performance across all programs, favorable mix effects and a good start to the year in services. Airbus Defense and Space revenue is down 6 percent, mainly related to lower volumes at Military Air Systems and Space Systems. An A400M transport aircraft was delivered in the first quarter of 2023.

Adjusted Group EBIT – an alternative metric and key indicator that captures underlying business margin by excluding necessary expenses or gains due to provision movements related to programs, restructurings or currency effects and capital gains/losses from recognized and acquisitions of businesses – decreased to 773 million euros (Q1 2022: 1,263 million euros).

Adjusted EBIT related to Airbus commercial aircraft business decreased to 580 million euros (Q1 2022: 1,065 million euros). The decline reflects lower deliveries, a slightly less favorable hedge price compared to Q1 2022 and investments to prepare for the future. Q1 2022 expected the positive effect from severance obligations, which was partially offset by the impact of international sanctions against Russia.

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