aviation: Lower Austria: Discover the Marchfeld by bike

aviation Lower Austria Discover the Marchfeld by bike


The landscape of the Marchfeld with its baroque castles is a popular destination – also by bike. The « Marchfelder-Schlösser-Radeln » project is intended to use the cycling potential in the Marchfeld and make it attractive through innovative, interesting additional offers adapted to the target group – for example through new cycling tours. « Lower Austria is the number one cycling country – there are suitable routes for all ambitions. » The Weinviertel scores with its diverse network of cycle paths and the connection to international cycle paths for guests from near and far. « The ongoing development and upgrading of the infrastructure creates the best conditions for unforgettable leisure experiences, » emphasizes Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner.

Cycling excursions and cycling tourism in general are currently in vogue. Also in the Weinviertel: In 2022, more than 587,000 overnight stays were recorded, with a high proportion of cycling tourism in addition to wine and culinary lovers. The Marchfeld is ideal for cycling, as it is criss-crossed by very well built and internationally known cycle paths: the Danube Cycle Path, which leads through the Donau-Auen National Park, the Kamp-Thaya-March Cycle Route (KTM), the Marchfeld Canal Cycle Path and the Iron Curtain Trail. All of these main cycle routes are linked by shorter and longer cycle tours. With its flat topography, the region is also ideally suited for « pleasure cycling » and, due to the dense network of routes, also ideal for longer, sporty bike rides. The good connection from Vienna and Bratislava for day trips is another highlight of the area.

A new initiative is to promote tourism development in the area of ​​culture, nature and excursion tourism in and around the Marchfeld Castles by the end of June 2024. The routes are enhanced by staged locations. The project should also have a positive effect on the entire region by involving businesses along the routes, for example for special culinary experiences.

Schloss Hof, Niederweiden, Eckartsau, Marchegg and Orth have been working together in ARGE Marchfeldschlösser since 2012. Close cooperation partners are the tourism destinations Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH (Römerland Carnuntum – Marchfeld region) and Weinviertel Tourismus GmbH as well as the LEADER region Marchfeld. « With our partners, we have the goal of positioning the region between Vienna and Bratislava in the Austrian market, but also in the neighboring international market, » says Mayor René Lobner, Chairman of LEADER Region Marchfeld.

The « Marchfelder-Schlösser-Radeln » project is intended to use the cycling potential in the Marchfeld and, through innovative, interesting additional offers adapted to the target group, to attract even more guests to the region and the castles. « Thanks to the newly designed cycle routes, the five Marchfeld castles should be easily accessible by bike and should be perceived even more strongly by the guests as a unit. » the entire Marchfeld region,” says Mario Feigl, Managing Director of Marchfelder Schlösserreich.

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