aviation: Japan Airlines replaces Boeing 737-800 with Max-8

aviation Japan Airlines replaces Boeing 737 800 with Max 8


Oneworld member Japan Airlines will replace its aging B737-800 fleet with the help of new Boeing 737-Max-8s. The machines are expected to join the fleet from 2026.

For the time being, the Japanese carrier has ordered 21 Boeing 737 Max 8s. Among other things, Yuji Akasaka, Group President, said: “We are delighted that we have chosen the Boeing 737-Max-8, a member of the latest 737-Max family, to replace our Boeing 737-800 . We look forward to nurturing our passengers with the highest levels of safety and comfort, and moving closer to our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 thanks to a combination of these super-efficient aircraft, operational innovations and new fuel-saving technologies.

Japan Airlines will also benefit from the fact that the Max-8 has a longer range than the B737-800. It is believed that this type of machine WILL increase the possibilities on short and medium-haul routes. Boeing is also popular for being able to keep long-term customers. CEO Stan Deal said, “The integration of the new 737-Max will enable JAL to achieve greater efficiency in its short-haul network as the airline continues to upgrade its world-class fleet. Partnering with JAL on the launch of the 737-8 is the latest milestone in our longstanding collaboration. »

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