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Price differences of up to around 60 euros are due when using mobile WiFi on the plane: In a comparison, the language learning platform Preply determined which airlines are best suited for surfing, working and learning and where passengers can save the most. For this purpose, the tariffs and the duration of use of the internet offers of over 35 airlines were recorded and compared.

Internet use is the most expensive for these airlines

The most expensive are the offers for the use of the Internet at Delta Air Lines. Air travelers pay the equivalent of 45.47 euros for domestic flights and 63.67 euros for international flights to use the mobile WLAN in the subscription model, which is particularly worthwhile for frequent flyers. Passengers with the airline Swiss International Air Lines also have to dig deep into their pockets: Here the most expensive tariff is 59.86 euros. Just behind is American Airlines, where fees for mobile Internet use amount to a maximum of 54.23 euros for a subscription of two months. The top 5 most expensive in-flight Internet offers are complimented by Air Canada and Air Europa with top prices of €44.07 and €35 ​​respectively.

airline Prices
Delta Airlines €63.67
Swiss International Airlines €59.86
American Airlines €54.23
Air Canada €44.07
AirEurope €35.00
Virgin Atlantic Airlines €33.90
Turkish Airlines €31.72
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines €30.00
AirFrance €30.00
Iberia €24.99
(Source: Preply).

Air China, Jet Blue and NokAir: These are the cheapest airlines

airline Prices
AirFrance €3.00
eurowings €2.90
Etihad Airlines €2.70
Emirates €2.70
British Airways €2.25
AirEurope €2.00
ITA Airways €1.81
Nok Air €0.00
JetBlue Airways €0.00
Air China €0.00
(Source: Preply).

Possible restrictions and tariffs for mobile WiFi above the clouds

In addition to unstable Internet connection due to turbulence or weather conditions, Wi-Fi users on board aircraft may also be subject to restrictions imposed by the airline: Air China, for example, offers free Internet access but prohibits it on smartphones and restricts access to some websites.

Almost all airlines have several tariffs with different data volumes and prices for mobile WiFi. The leader is the airline Turkish Airlines, where five different tariffs can be selected. Depending on the flight, the prices vary from a minimum of 4.53 euros to a maximum of 31.72 euros. In addition, Tap Air Portugal offers four fare options, with messaging even being free for Business Class travelers. Swiss International Airlines, ITA Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Aer Lingus and Aeroflot also offer four different fares. On average, three different fares are offered by the airlines.

airline Number tariff
Turkish Airlines 5
Tap Air Portugal 4
Swiss International Airlines 4
ITA Airways 4
Virgin Atlantic Airlines 4
but lingus 4
Aeroflot 4
Singapore Airlines 3
Emirates 3
Qatar Airways 3
(Source: Preply).

TUIFly and Co. – These airlines do not have WiFi on the plane

Six of the airlines surveyed do not offer a Wi-Fi connection. Electrical devices must either be turned off or set to flight mode during use. The restrictions are justified with security reasons. On a flight without WiFi, travelers have to register with TUIFly, SunExpress, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Wizz Air and Czech Airlines.

How airlines are gearing up to offer even better internet soon

In addition, some airlines are currently upgrading for even faster and better WiFi on board. For example, the Hawaiian Airline secured Starlink antennas in order to be able to use satellite Internet for long-haul flights in the future.

Dorothee Monschau, Head of Brand at Preply, comments on the WLAN check in the airlines as follows: « There is hardly a better place to exchange language and culture with your seat neighbor than on an international flight. » To prepare for the stay In the holiday country or as a business traveler to do important work tasks, a WLAN connection during the flight is very useful. As a language learning platform, we welcome the developments in the field of mobile internet, because language learning should be possible anytime and anywhere.”

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