Recent Aviation News for August 2015

    Recent Aviation News for August 2015

    Aviation involves the flying or operating of an aircraft. What is the recent aviation news for August 2015?


    1. Parts of Malaysia Airlines MH370 May Have Been Found In France
    Image Courtesy of CNN

    Malaysia Airlines MH370 vanished last year on March 8, 2014, and it carried 239 people. It veered off course from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Up until this time, experts have been unable to locate any parts of the plane or any of its passengers. However, parts of the wreckage may have been confirmed, on August 5, 2015, by French officials. A wing part of the plane, at almost seven-feet long, was found on a French island in the Indian Ocean, and is currently being confirmed as part of Malaysia Airlines MH370 in a French lab. In addition to confirming that the wing belongs to the plane, it will also help shed some light on what happened to the rest of the aircraft.


    1. Greek Air Traffic Controllers Go On Strike

    Some domestic and international Greek flights were cancelled on August 5, 2015, due to Greek air traffic controllers striking. The strike comes during the height of tourist season, which makes it especially troubling for an already cash-strapped Greece. At least 22 flights were cancelled, and at least 173 flights had be rescheduled.

    Greek air traffic controllers say they want a restructuring of the government agency and they’d like to see an independent agency set up to coincide with European Union rules. This, they hope, will help to solve staff shortages and a lack of money for keeping the ATC systems maintained.


    1. Boeing Does Some UpGrades

    On August 4, 2015, Boeing made some changes to its aircraft technical specifications and has also focused on the trend toward passengers who are wider and heavier, thereby changing seats and cargo space. The seat count for wide-body planes, which are the 787 and 777, increased. Seat counts for the 737 remain the same.  Also, Boeing cut the range for all of its planes by 665 nautical miles.


    1. Kenya Airways Needs A Bailout

    00221474 a8065b60f13c2760e63c77bd5bb3412a arc614x376 w285 us1On August 4, 2015, it was reported that Kenya Airways has recorded a record loss in its year-end report, one that ended in March of 2014. The loss may mean a $500 to $600 million bailout. However, the situation is being studied by consultants, hired by the airline, to discover the best course of action to save the air carrier.


    1. Lufthansa’s Carsten Spohr Opened to Proposals

    Lufthansa has experienced problems with salaries, retirement benefits and expansion. However, it’s chief executive Carsten Spohr, on August 5, 2015, indicated that he is opened to proposals by its pilots. There have been a number of strikes by Lufthansa pilots since April of 2014. This, in turn, has costs the airline over $300 million in lost profit.


    Spohr is hopeful in reaching an agreement but doubts that such an agreement can be achieved by September 2015. These are the major recent aviation news, across the globe, for the start of August 2015.


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